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Sales & Hires

Our inflatables are built to order to the highest specifications and have a production time of 6-8 weeks. Fully portable the inflatables will fit into a five-door hatchback.

Inflatables are supplied with an electric blower, puncture repair kit, ground stakes for outside use, text and image sheets, instruction manual and optional lighting.

IBO can ship the inflatables worldwide, however our clients are free to use their own shipping agent.

We can also build bespoke inflatable educational tools.

Basic hires include logistical support and our logistics manager will deliver the Inflatable, set it up, deflate, pack and take away at the end of the event. They will stay on site for the duration of the event. Please note that the logistics manager is not a Health Advisor. Currently hire of the inflatables are only available in the UK.

We also offer optional package options to ensure your event success. 

Package Options

  • Event timeline document which includes a checklist to help ensure you cover all the bases from booking your venue to marketing
  • Recommended promotional literature list to support your event and that can be given out to event visitors
  • Poster template for marketing your event and promotion guidance to maximise visitor numbers
  • Invitation to event template that can be used to invite dignitaries, partners and other relevant persons and organisations
  • Press release template to promote your event, engage with media and get your message out
  • Top Ten PR tips to use in further promotion of your event
  • Quizzes / activities
  • Pop up banners
  • Visitor evaluation forms
  • Analysis of visitor evaluation form
  • Health Advisors
  • Specialist Nurses

To discuss your requirements please contact the IBO Team via or by telephoning 00 44 (0)1722 333 587.

Alimentary Adventure (AA)
  • Ground Space:            10m²
  • Height when inflated:   2.4m
  • Length when inflated:   8.1m
  • Deflated (packed):       1.2m long x 0.8m wide x 0.85m high
  • Weight:                       70kg

Alimentary Adventure (AA)

Obesity is a risk factor for cancer and can cut life expectancy by 2 to 10-years. An estimated 400 million people worldwide are classified as clinically obese. ‘Globesity’ - the worlds ever expanding waistline is now recognised as a major global health threat comparable to HIV / Aids.

The AA has been designed as a replica of the human digestive system to demonstrate in a fun and innovate way the complex anatomy and inner workings of the alimentary canal and the digestive process.

Presently only available for sale.

Image and contents of image are copyright property to Inflatable Body Organs.

Inflatable Colon (IC)
  • Ground Space:            25m²
  • Height when inflated:   2.4m
  • Width when inflated:    6.1m
  • Length when inflated:   4.1m
  • Deflated (packed):       1.2m long x 0.55m high
  • Weight:                       85kg

Inflatable Colon (IC)

Colorectal / Bowel Cancer is highly treatable if diagnosed early and yet there are more than 1.3-million cases worldwide and almost 700,000 people die from the disease each year. A major cause is poor eating habits combined with low physical activity.

The IC is a walk through inflatable replica of the human colon that demonstrates the various stages of colorectal / bowel cancer and other diseases of the large intestine.

It provides audiences with answers to questions concerning colorectal/bowel cancer in a fun and novel way and breaks down the taboos surrounding the disease.
⇒ Debbie West  (South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Bowel Cancer Screening Programme, Sheffield)

"We ordered The Inflatable Colon for our Mayors Carnival in Barnsley Town Center and it was brilliant with around 500 people going through it from all age groups.  The Deputy Mayoress walked many people through the colon as she had a personal interest having participated in the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme herself and having had polyps detected.  Everything ran smoothly and Adrian your logistics manager was brilliant".

⇒ Roger Williams  (Health Improvement Practitioner - Cancer. Doncaster PCT)

"The inflatable bowel was very well received by the public. It brings a real novelty value to a subject that many people still find difficult or distasteful to talk about. Lots of people certainly raised their eyebrows and they were able to take on board information about the bowel cancer screening programme and other bowel conditions. We encourage anyone who has any form of symptoms that are new and persistent, to consult their GP".

Inflatable Breast (IB)
  • Ground Space:             40m²
  • Height when inflated:   3m
  • Length when inflated:   7.8m
  • Width when inflated:    4.6m
  • Deflated (packed):       1.2m long x 0.55m high
  • Weight:                       85kg

Inflatable Breast (IB)

The profile of breast cancer is relatively high however the unpredicted increase in incidences show clearly the need for continued public education and awareness to ensure that men and women continue to remain aware of the disease and its risks, signs and symptoms.

The Inflatable Breast is a walk through educational tool aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer and the issues surrounding the disease.

Breast cancer rates are rising rapidly.  Today, as many as 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with the disease at some point in their lives. In England, incidence rates have increased amongst women by 90% and amongst men by as much as 60% in just one generation.

Our goal is to encourage men and women to become more aware of their bodies generally and to get to know their own breasts. Learning how their breasts look and feel at different times will help women and men know what is normal for them and recognise any irregular changes.

The Inflatable Breast is a walk through educational tool aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer and the issues surrounding the disease.

Image and contents of image are copyright property to Inflatable Body Organs.

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